10 Common Architectural Styles for Your Custom Home

Building a custom home gives you complete control over every aspect of the design. There are dozens of architectural styles to base your custom home on, from historical approaches to modern interpretations. Look around the country and you will see nearly countless options. In the northeast, Colonial and Cape Cod style homes dominate neighborhoods, whereas you are more likely to see arts and craft cottages and ranches out west, and Greek revival homes down south. The beauty of creating your own custom home is that you can pick a style that matches your tastes and needs.

There are many considerations that go into what will work best for your home. Some climates are better suited for certain home designs, whether because the typical roof pitch is appropriate for a snowy winter or because the style’s quintessential courtyard offers those in sunny climates to enjoy indoor/outdoor living. You also want to consider the surrounding landscape and neighboring buildings when picking a dominant architectural style for your custom home. Work closely with your architect to find the perfect style for your custom home. A good architect can even mix and match aspects from styles that appeal to you.  

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9 Floor Plans and Home Layouts to Consider for Your Custom Home

Building your own custom home gives you the rare opportunity to design a house that uniquely suits you. Unlike moving into a pre-designed finished home or renovating an existing structure, designing a custom home gives you control over every aspect of the home – from size to architectural style and finishes. But perhaps the most important decision you will make in your custom home journey is creating the layout of your home.

Your new home’s layout and floorplan will directly affect how you live in your home. You can choose to separate public and private areas or opt for an open layout that fosters interaction. The layout of a custom home can be specifically designed to take advantage of the landscape and site, whether that means granting stunning views from each room or building of maximum privacy on an urban site.

Your architect is the best source of knowledge when it comes to creating a home layout that meets your needs and suits the location. You should have an idea of what you are looking for when you meet with your architect. It may seem that there are too many options to know where to start. We have broken down nine common home layouts below. Each has benefits and drawbacks depending on what you are looking for.

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The Tiny Home Movement

BIG Reasons to Live small

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